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Opera Show - Web presentations as HTML

Turn your browser into an advanced presentation tool using Opera Show, an impressive feature of the Opera browser. Learn to master Opera Show and save work and hassle when giving presentations from your computer!

Compared to other popular presentation tools (such as Microsoft PowerPoint), Opera Show has several advantages:
• It is a standard feature of a […]

The Main Secret of Tom Sawyer’s Presentation

«Your honor, may I speak?»
«For God’s sake, yes — go on!» says the judge, so astonished and mixed up he didn’t know what he was about hardly.
Then Tom he stood there and waited a second or two — that was for to work up an «effect,» as he calls it — then he started in just as cam?s as ever, and says…
Tom Sawyer Detective, by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
If you read books about Tom Sawyer attentively you remember that […]

CNET Review of PowerPoint 2007

Just this week CNET has posted a very good review of PowerPoint 2007. It is in a quick read format that is comprised of 12 topics, each with a screen capture and few paragraph description.

Take a few minutes and click through this informative overview here.

Serious Presentation? Humor is Necessary Component!

There are 2 different categories in our site: “PowerPoint” and “Presentation skills”. I don’t know exactly in what category publish this article. Why?
Because the humor and good jokes is important for your presentation. And it’s very important for your speech too.

Don’t be boring. It’s the most terrible that may be with you.
1. For presentation use […]

Unique Background for PowerPoint Presentation

Background is important part of presentation’s appearance. PowerPoint have a lot of backgrounds, but I don’t know why, people loves boring blue backgrounds. 90% of presentations I ever seen have standard blue PowerPoint background. It’s boring!
I entered in Yandex “download presentation ppt” in Russian.

Look at the first presentation in search results: 

If you want to concentrate listener’s […]