The Purpose of Presentation


There are 2 types of presentations:

1. Commercial

These presentations created to bring money. And so for it creation is logically to put up money. But there are a lot of world famous companies which use presentations as main tool for sales, but their presentations aren’t correct and sometimes are terrible. Example:


Common style is only in red line which diverts us from small font text in different levels and terrible scheme.

If you make commercial presentation think about it purpose. What is presentation for? Present new product or service? No. The final purpose is sale, but not simply shows fine pictures. Think about what your client wants to see and hear, but not what you want to tell him. And remember - bad presentation is disrespect of your listeners.

2. Non-commercial

Non-commercial presentations are used for charitable (often for company prestige) or private purposes (for example science report, home photo album).

Different purposes require different methods, so exactly to know the purpose is important step to successful presentation.

Author: Oleg Samusenko

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