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Online Presentation Builders Review

The name of category is “PowerPoint”, but now we speak about programs which pretend to substitute it. “PowerPoint” has a lot of competitors. PowerPoint is the leader now, but recently appeared a new category of programs for creating presentations. Let’s talk about it.
Not a secret that there are a lot of programs and whole operating […]

8 Advices for Creating Successful PowerPoint Presentation

I’ve just come back from a gruelling week of corporate meetings, a 5 day marathon of seemingly never ending PowerPoint presentations. As the person in charge of marketing and IT, part of my job is to be the contact point for all of the attendees, folks ranging from 1st year sales reps to divisional presidents, […]

Extracting Images from PowerPoint

Not so much a Tablet PC need, but for one those who are tasked with transforming PowerPoint presentations to other formats.
I was givend a HUGE PowerPoint file, and told to use the images inside for a web site. Not wanting to ask for the originals (you can insert your own reason), I needed a fast […]

Keynote or PowerPoint? Pick the Right Tool for the Job.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Apple’s Keynote program. In fact, this was the very program that got me to consider switching from my PC in the first place. But now, after using Keynote for almost 18 months, I have to admit that sometimes PowerPoint is the better choice.

In general, I think that Keynote is […]