Extracting Images from PowerPoint

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Not so much a Tablet PC need, but for one those who are tasked with transforming PowerPoint presentations to other formats.
I was givend a HUGE PowerPoint file, and told to use the images inside for a web site. Not wanting to ask for the originals (you can insert your own reason), I needed a fast and or easy way to extract the images without having to open PowerPoint and export them one-by-one.
Oddly, I didn’t find that many Freeware options.A quick Google search turned up these options, maybe this can be of help to someone.
PowerpointImageCopier 1.0 - Free, but when I used it, all it did was take screenshots of my desktop with PowerPoint open. Not what I wanted.


Shyam’s Toolbox - Now THIS did exactly what I wanted! The Toolbox adds a huge amount of functionality to PowerPoint other that just exporting. It isn’t free though. $49 seems high, but if you were able to get your employer to purchase it, then maybe. The time-limited trial has no crippled functions or watermarks. Worth a look if you use PPT a lot.


PowerPoint 2007’s PPTX option - I don’t have the beta, so I couldn’t use this. But apparently, you can save in the PPTX option, which is actually a ZIP file with all of your
PPT’s image files. Neat-o!


That’s the best I could do! If you have a tip on how to extract images in bulk from PowerPoint, let me know.
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