Online Presentation Builders Review

The name of category is “PowerPoint”, but now we speak about programs which pretend to substitute it. “PowerPoint” has a lot of competitors. PowerPoint is the leader now, but recently appeared a new category of programs for creating presentations. Let’s talk about it.
Not a secret that there are a lot of programs and whole operating systems ( appeared as online services. In this article I collect online presentation builders.





What’s common for those services? PowerPoint copying. Why I don’t like it? I started find online presentation builders when a lot of people (often it’s women) begin to ask me make presentation for them, because “I don’t know how to use PowerPoint… It’s too difficult for me…” etc. What they need in my opinion?

1. Online service, because often they are unable to install programs.

2. Primitive interface.

I haven’t found such service and so I made it: (Online presentation builder)


Author: Oleg Samusenko

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