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Humor in Presentations

Phil Rosenthal was a writer and producer for “Everybody Loves Raymond’ for its entire nine-year run. He has a new book out called “You’re Lucky You’re Funny”. I read the review on the book and liked what I read about how he incorporates humor into his show. His secret is specificity. When your are speaking […]

Why are most presentations and speeches so bad?

…..because everyone else’s are. Simple.

I’ve been chewing over this question quite a lot this week (yes, okay, I’m sad but voice & presentation skills training is what I do) but it was brought to mind particularly by the (very good) speech by Tony Blair and the (excellent) speech given by Bill Clinton. By […]

Extended And Smoother Animations

I personally do not use the Presenter View, but I do run many presentations in a similiar format - with slideshow on the secondary monitor/projector and PowerPoint in edit mode on the primary monitor.
Just like Presenter View, animations can be problematic. Each slide redraws in the edit mode and while it is updates processing power […]

Share PowerPoint Presentations Online

Intriguing new Web 2.0 site for sharing presentation slideshows,, went live this week. Currently in invite-only beta (natch), the site enables you to upload PowerPoint or OpenOffice slideshows of up to 20MB in size and then, in their words, “share with a link, embed in a blog, discover interesting slideshows, tag, comment and have […]