Humor in Presentations

Phil Rosenthal was a writer and producer for “Everybody Loves Raymond’ for its entire nine-year run. He has a new book out called “You’re Lucky You’re Funny”. I read the review on the book and liked what I read about how he incorporates humor into his show. His secret is specificity. When your are speaking to an audience there are specific pieces of humor that may only be known to that organization or association. If you do your homework and discover what humor is specific to them you are going to be there hero and remembered long after the event.

He mentions that one of the reasons we see so many failed comedies today is that writers keep looking to get the next laugh instead of trying to “tell a great story’. The same is true for you. Many executives are initially reluctant to share a personal story with their employees, I think this is a mistake. If the story has relevance to your current situation and it makes a powerful point-I would encourage you to use it in your presentation! By taking advantage of telling a great story that is personal to you-your audience will have a strong emotional bond with you and your message. don’t miss out on this opportunity! Via: New York Times.


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