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CounterPoint: Conversation with Kurt Dupont

CounterPoint takes the omnipresent symbol of today’s retail driven world — the counter display and merges it with a PowerPoint presentation so that you can create more interactive counter displays that entertain and inform while you wait for your turn.
And in this Indezine exclusive, we have Kurt Dupont who heads PresentationPoint — creators of CounterPoint, […]

PowerPoint’s Role in the Classroom

In the classroom, new technology is finding more important roles when it comes to educating students.
More professors are creating their lectures as PowerPoint presentations, which allows them to combine visual aids with their lecture, and are using computers in other ways to run their classes.
Nicholas Rauh, associate professor of foreign language and literature, uses his […]

Office 2007: Help Is On The Way

For IT managers, deploying Office 2007 will mean introducing change to users, many of whom will not be immediately open to adopting the new ribbon interface or figuring out the new XML file formats.
To make the upgrade path easier, Microsoft has made available a number of training tools and videos for IT managers and users. […]

The Hell that is Public Speaking

Q: I have to present to the Board to gain approval for an increase in headcount or a significant increase in budget. How do I go about it?
A: There are so just many variables in that question! If you walked in my door as a client and asked me that, I would respond with a […]

Free Online Office 2007 Test Drive

You are just a few clicks away from a free online test drive of the latest version of Microsoft Office programs. Take them out for a spin in this quick, easy-to-use, browser-based trial experience.

The real-time test drive does not require product installation or download—it’s the fastest way to try out 2007 Microsoft Office system programs. […]