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How to Make a Great PowerPoint Presentation

Does the thought of making a PPT get your palms all sweaty?
Well, you can change that. Here, we tell you how to hone your presentation skills, so that you look forward to it instead of approach it with dread.
For those who are lost, PPT is an abbreviation for the PowerPoint Presentation. This is a high-powered […]

Tips on choosing the right projector for PowerPoint

When making use of PowerPoint in your presentation, it is very important to first choose the right projector for the presentation. There are hundreds of projectors in the market nowadays, and the new buyer lies in a dilemma on which projector to buy! So it is better to use these tips to select the right […]

PowerPoint Tip - Detailed Handouts without Packed Slides

One reason presenters pack slides with too much text and information is that they claim that since they will be printing the slides as their handout, they will need the audience to have the detail for future reference. But what happens is that the barrage of information on the slide overwhelms the audience and the […]

Top 10 tips to improve your PowerPoint presentation

A PowerPoint presentation is used as a visual aid when making a presentation. It is easy to learn and use, thereby making it easy to be misused or not to be used effectively. So to prevent this, it is always better to follow these tips when making a PowerPoint presentation. It is not always necessary […]

Articulate Presenter & Office 2007

Microsoft just released to manufacturing (RTM) Office 2007, which includes PowerPoint 2007 and is expected to be available to the general public at the end of January 2007.
How does this release impact Articulate Presenter?
The short answer is that the Articulate Presenter System Requirements have not changed. We still recommend that you use — and […]