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Create invisible buttons — updated for PowerPoint 2007

In a discussion with Dr. Pavel Samsonov, a professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the topic of invisible buttons came up. I had encountered them before, so I thought I would explain.
Invisible buttons are AutoShapes with no fill and no line that have a hyperlink attached to them. You use them for […]

PowerPoint 2007: Shadow not animating with text

If you have been adding shadows to your text in PowerPoint 2007, you may find problems animating them. For instance, when you add an entrance effect (Fade) to the text, the text fades in while its shadow does not.
The solution to this would be making a habit to add your text shadow through the Text […]

StandOut — PowerPoint Killer

I ran across this great product called StandOut by Electric Rain. It is a presentation program, like Keynote or Powerpoint, which takes full advantage of the new display capabilities of Windows Vista and I must admit, I’m impressed. I even went as far as to sign up to Beta test it so I can […]

The No-Presentation Rule for Presentations

I often wonder what meetings and presentations were like in the business world before there was PowerPoint. I believe that PowerPoint can be effective when used properly, but why is it that 95% of all presentations are boring with some monotone person standing in front of the room reading off bullet points?
A colleague, Dan McWeeney, […]

Top Five Articles for Presenters

As someone who helps co-organize WebVisions every year and with my experience in speaking at conferences (not that I am an expert at it) I am often asked for advice on presenting at conferences.
There are thousands of sites out there that provide information for doing presentations, some really great ones… but there are a handful […]