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Don’t Read from Your PowerPoint Slides (Video)


Powerpoint’s Dreadful Record

PowerPoint is the cause of how many deaths, lost jobs, and business downfalls?!? <– *insert scoff there* I understand that PowerPoint is not the best presentation tool for anything that you aren’t going to keep funny, short, and sweet. Yet, I think that Professor Tufte was a bit over the top and opinionated I did […]

PowerPoint Tip: Conclude at the Beginning

In a Writing Tune-Up seminar yesterday, a participant named Carl shared some good advice on creating PowerPoint presentations. We were talking about the wisdom of communicating recommendations and conclusions near the beginning of email–not the end–so that people read them. That is when Carl pointed out that the same principle applies in slide presentations. He […]

The Alpha and Omega of a PowerPoint Presentation

Last week we conducted an Instructor Development course, which will be the subject of a future blog article. However, during a discussion that we had about the use of multimedia aids, I pointed out that you could elect to shut off the “black screen” that comes up at the end of a PowerPoint show. In […]

PowerPoint 2007 Guides

If you are anything like me, you design PowerPoint presentations using guides. Guides help you place items (text, pictures, etc.) on each slide with much greater precision. They also help keep placement consistent from slide to slide within the presentation.
You want to design using guides in PowerPoint 2007? Here is what you have to do:
How […]