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Seth Godin’s Worst PPT Ever

Seth Godin has a posting on what he claims to be the worst PowerPoint ever.  I’ve seen quite a few really bad PowerPoint slides over the years as a teacher, trainer, presenter and PowerPoint expert, so can see that this one falls well within the pool of “bad” slides.  However, while I agree that this […]

Microsoft PowerPoint. How powerful is it?

Early in the morning, some students said it is not uncommon to rise and question if they need to attend their lectures for the day, weighing the benefits of class attendance versus a day of relaxation and enjoying the spring air.
Anything, even something small or negligible, can deter a student from his or her […]

Google Buys PowerPoint Editor

Filling in a hole in its Google Apps suite, Google has acquired Tonic Systems, which provides a set of tools for the online editing, viewing, and sharing of presentations created with Microsoft PowerPoint. Tonic Systems describes itself as “Java PowerPoint Specialists.” Google says it will incorporate Tonic’s technology into a new presentation service that will […]

PowerPoint As Notes

After yesterday’s post about PowerPoint, my wife and I have had a lengthy discussion about using PowerPoint in class. She teaches education classes at Ohio State so we are always stealing each other’s material. She is going to use my Google PowerPoint on Monday when she introduces searching to her students.
Here is our debate. I […]

PowerPoint Presentation in Your Blog

And now for something completely different. How about embedding Powerpoint presentations into your Blog?Visit SlideAware, and create a free account. Download the Powerpoint Plug-In, and install it to Powerpoint.After creating your Powerpoint Presentation, you can save it to SlideAware. And it is very easy to embed it into your blog.Source: