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Why Power Point Presentations Bore Us — The Dreaded 3P

Recently, Robert Middleton, reminded me why we must get away from power point presentations, or as I call it the dreaded 3P!
We have found ourselves in the business world so concerned about being politically correct, well practiced and prepared for anything that we have forgotten that all presentations to be effective must be heard, […]

Powerpoint as a Photo Editor

You can use Powerpoint to edit your photographs with advanced features like transparency, masking, and custom borders. You can actually create some pretty stunning creations using your digital photos and auto shapes. The drawback to PowerPoint is that you are unable to accurately measure things. You can’t set the resolution or the actual graphic size […]

Preview PowerPoint slides in Gmail

Google has added yet another document preview button to Gmail. You could already preview Word documents and spreadsheets sent as file attachments using Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Now if you receive an email with an attached PowerPoint presentation, you can view the slideshow in your web browser with no need to download.
The PowerPoint viewer is […]

PowerPoint Tip - Collaborating on Presentations

In my consulting work, I get a chance to collaborate on developing presentations with people in many different geographic locations. Sometimes it is face-to-face and other times it is done virtually. Collaborating on presentations instead of doing it yourself is becoming more common. Today I have some tips for making collaboration work no matter […]

PowerPoint 2007 - Add Comments

If you work in Microsoft Word, you may be familiar with the comments feature. It allows you to add comments throughout a document to alert a reader or author to certain information. For example, an editor can leave comments by certain content in a document to alert the author about specific issues.
You can also […]