Apple Keynote vs. Microsoft Powerpoint

Attorney David Sparks who writes about Apple and the Mac at, penned a review of Apple’s Keynote ‘08 presentation software recently, see Review - Keynote ‘08.   In comparison to Microsoft’s Powerpoint, it is not difficult to see which product he prefers:

Presentations and word processing are my bread and butter. That is, I earn my living writing and presenting. I have been writing Power Point presentations for years. I’m actually very good at them and occasionally freelance for my geek challenged colleagues. It is with those years of experience in mind that I was initially skeptical about using Apple’s presentation software, Keynote. That was, at least, until the first time I saw a Keynote presentation.

I think Keynote (even before this recent update) is superior to PowerPoint in both ease of use and final product. With the release of Keynote ‘08, the gap has just grown larger. For the purpose of this review, I’m going to skip over a lot of the features that already existed in Keynote and focus on the new additions. If you are not familiar with Keynote, even before the upgrade it was full of stellar templates, transitions, and text effects that made producing convincing presentations a breeze. Indeed there are even more new transitions and effects but that is just the start of some fantastic changes and additional features.

Mr. Sparks’ post continues, and is quite detailed, for those who wish to explore Keynote ‘08 in more depth; just click Another Lawyer’s Review of Keynote ‘08.

Attorney Ben Stevens, writing at The Mac Lawyer, also apparently loves the product: Another Lawyer’s Review of Keynote ‘08

You can also catch this podcast Surfbits MacReview Cast Episode 121 for even more on the subject.

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