Making An Effective Poster Presentation

Poster printing presentations are very much an integral part of any research undertaking because you need to communicate to your colleagues the result of what you have done and interact with them.

In any professional association meetings, poster printing sessions have become very significant with its purpose of providing the presenters a way to connect with their audience and relay their research findings. This has become such a way of life in any organizational meetings in disciplines of the sciences that poster printing sessions are made more often than the presentation of any research paper. It seems that the science community has become more acceptable of making research studies more flexible and easier to understand.

However, a poster printing presentation is certainly neither a thesis nor a dissertation. As much as you want to put everything you have to say in your poster printing presentation, space is limited to such that it makes for a much better viewing than reading. Keep in mind that viewers of your poster printing presentation would be averse to lengthy reading, and would only be inspecting what you have done. Your lengthy explanation would be much better off in a journal or thesis that you can provide after.

Therefore, keeping it simple without sacrificing the information contained within would get you more viewers than any other kind of poster printing presentation. Here are a few suggestions that can help you come up with an effective poster printing presentation for your research:

1 - Your title should be brief and descriptive. With just one look, your viewers should be able to deduce what you have in store for them. Your title has a very solid role to play in your poster printing presentation. It’s either your title grab your viewers’ attention or they simply decide that they are not interested.

2 - A brief abstract should be able to orient the viewer to your whole poster printing presentation. Take note that it is brief. Always remember that your poster is not a journal or a thesis paper. It should be able to tell your viewers what to expect in not so many words.

3 - Provide content in a story-like fashion. Tell your research as if you have a story to convey. Just like a tale, plan your content to unfold in every information you impart such as your context, your results and analysis, and the importance of your research.

4 - As much as possible, use visual images and bulleted outlines to explain a point. Your viewers would appreciate a more visual presentation, rather than a wordy explanation. Hence, graphs and tables should be used to prove a point. But make sure that your viewers would be able to interpret them easily.

Finally, always provide a smooth and clear flow
to your poster printing presentation. It won’t be any use to you if your viewers have a hard time following your poster’s sequence. In addition, you have to remember to create your poster printing pieces that even the common man can understand what you’re trying to say. You’re goal is to reach as many people as you can anyway, so try to make it as simple and as easy to understand as possible.


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