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Creating Slide Presentations Using InDesign and Acrobat

One thing that always surprises me when I sit in an Adobe conference room or attend a conference session led by an Adobe employee is watching a Powerpoint presentation on an LCD. I know that creating presentations is handy in PowerPoint, but after preparing presentations in layout programs and converting to PDF for more that […]

Do You Ever Give PowerPoint Presentations? Use Your N95!

This is not just for N95, but it is a great tool for people who have to give PowerPoint presentations.PhonePoint is the professional wireless presentation tool.
It has been designed from the ground up as a tool for presenters; slowly fine tuned with feedback from these professionals, people for whom presentations play an essential role in […]

Powerless in the Face of PowerPoint?

We love to hate PowerPoint, as Abhay Padgaonkar observes over at MarketingProfs. But is it PowerPoint, or just people using it badly? Does PowerPoint deserve more ire than, say, Word (used to create unreadable documents) or Excel (used to create meaningless spreadsheets)?
Padgaonkar says:
Remember, PowerPoint is simply a means to an end. It is only a […]

How To Edit and Add Video Clips to Powerpoint Presentations

Another Teacher Tech Article for you. This is for anyone who would like to edit a video clip from a video file or from a DVD and add that video clip to your PowerPoint presentation. There are several steps in this process - some of which you might not need if you already have a […]

Where to Upload PowerPoint Presentations On the Web and Why?

Comparing The Tools for Getting your PowerPoint Presentation Online 
Zoho Show, SlideShare, Scribd, SlideAware and Splashcast are some of the most popular hosting services for uploading PowerPoint files on the web for others to watch the slideshows online or for you to embed the presentations inside web pages.
If you want to skip the details, watch the […]