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Where to Upload PowerPoint Presentations On the Web and Why?

Comparing The Tools for Getting your PowerPoint Presentation Online 
Zoho Show, SlideShare, Scribd, SlideAware and Splashcast are some of the most popular hosting services for uploading PowerPoint files on the web for others to watch the slideshows online or for you to embed the presentations inside web pages.
If you want to skip the details, watch the […]

Interactive Prototypes with PowerPoint

Have you ever wished your early design mockups could come to life, so you could try out the navigation, test an interaction, or see if a button label just feels right when you click on it?
Sure, you could invest in a dedicated prototyping tool, but you can create surprisingly quick and effective prototypes with a […]

Convert Powerpoint Presentations to Flash with GMail PPT Viewer

GMail now has an inbuilt PPT viewer that lets you view Powerpoint attachment as a Flash picture slideshow in the web browser itself without requiring Microsoft PowerPoint application.
This slideshow feature of GMail will be useful since you no longer have to download the full PPT attachment in order to view that 16th slide of the […]

SlideShare and SlideCasting - Tools to Take Your Presentations Easier

If you have ever given a conference talk, led a seminar group, or even hosted a meeting with accompanying PowerPoint presentation on WebEx, you have probably hear the request “can we get a copy of your slides?” Sending a large PowerPoint file via email and ensuring you have locked editing rights can be a bit […]

Powerpoint as a Photo Editor

You can use Powerpoint to edit your photographs with advanced features like transparency, masking, and custom borders. You can actually create some pretty stunning creations using your digital photos and auto shapes. The drawback to PowerPoint is that you are unable to accurately measure things. You can’t set the resolution or the actual graphic size […]